We are going to talk about MDM without application distribution. And what that basically means is when you want to do the management of the device and you don't really care about the apps or the app load, you're going to just let your users take care of that for themselves. It's a good idea if you want something like, for example,to push out a wireless network profile and you want to do it without user interaction, and your users have their own apps, they've got their own iOS devices, it's not completely bring your own device maybe, but you're leaving a lot of autonomy out there for your users and you want to do management to enable some features to make it easier for them to go about their lives without having to do some device configuration on their own.

Okay, so, there's a reasonable use case for this. So how would that work? Well, you would enroll the devices through some kind of self-service portal. Now, depending upon which MDM provider you've got there may be different ways to accomplish this. For example, Meraki even has a QR code built into their admin that you can print and people can scan and that will enroll their devices. OS X Server has a My Devices portal that you can log into and you can look at that in getting started with OS X Server App elsewhere here at lynda.com. Once your devices are enrolled, they've got that enrollment profile and trust profile on the device.

Maybe you're distributing that via email, or a secure webpage, or one of the other methods that I've just mentioned, they're going to be enrolled. And at that point, you've got the ability to set your profiles, push things out to the devices, and, like I said before, you can manage a Wi-Fi network for them, you could send out restrictions if you wanted, or you could do more enabling features like adding Airplay access, or anything like that, where you would be adding a feature or adding the ability to do something to their device without making them configure it on their own.

In the next movie, I'm going to talk about almost the reverse of this, where we do care about application distribution and we're not so concerned about managing the devices.