Available at the end of April, AirTags are small elegant discs that are resistant to dust and water which contain the Apple U1 chip for very accurate direction and distance information.

You use them with the Find My app to find the tracker. You can attach them to just about anything so you can always find your stuff. Keys go missing a lot, no problem. Want to have a tracking system on your 1970's Ford pickup truck? No problem there as well. You can have them custom engraved for personalization. And on top of everything they have a small speaker embedded so you can make them play a sound so you can find them even if wedged between the couch cushions.

A single tile is $29 and a four pack is $99

The question is, now what? Thank goodness Apple has a reputation for solid security because trackers by other manufacturers have opened up a whole new CyberSecurity threat vector for end users who want to track things digitally and so they jump in before they understand who can hack those locations.

Apple's tracking is 100% secure, with all of the built in security features already part of AppleID based accounts, two factor authentication, and full encryption of user data in all directions. You can only track your stuff once you have authenticated to a device securely, and nobody does that authentication more securely than Apple.

So the only question remaining for me is, how many to buy.

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