Secure your cloud, on-premises and virtual servers from never-seen-before malware, ransomware and fileless attacks and get the highest possible level of visibility across your entire organization with endpoint detection and response that streamlines threat hunting and IT operations tasks.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is one more thing …

SOPHOS doesn't stop at endpoint detection and response, SOPHOS has another service, unmatched in IT Security anywhere called Managed Threat Response (MTR). Creative Technology Management deploys the HIGHEST cost and capability SOPHOS security package with MTR to ALL of our clients. It is not part of some high cost extra add on package for our clients. It is the best, and to us that best in class level is our standard operating procedure.

What is managed threat response? It means 24/7 threat hunting, detection and response delivered by a team of Sophos experts as a fully managed service. Utilizing the intelligent EDR found in Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDR, Sophos analysts respond to potential threats, look for indicators of compromise and provide detailed analysis on events including what happened, where, when, how and why. Then they remediate the problem, and report back to Creative Technology Management so we can follow up with our client about the event, how it was resolved and what was saved in the process. All handled completely automatically, and in real time no matter when the event happens.

Creative Technology Management takes client security seriously. So seriously that we simply refuse to work with anything but the best solutions on the market, and those solutions are built right into our very reasonable and competitive monthly subscription price. Have questions, first watch the fun video, and then fill out the form below to contact us so we can install this package, and the rest of our full service offering to manage your Apple technology based company.