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Sean ColinsStarted in 2021, Creative Technology Management is a brand new, complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service in Los Angeles. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all. With a team of experts that brings decades of technology experience to the table, Creative Technology Management is the team you want working behind the scenes to make your work more efficient, cost effective, smooth, and enjoyable.

Here’s why so many businesses depend on Creative Technology Management for complete IT services and support:

  • Hire The Expert Who Trains The Apple Experts.
    Over 25 courses authored at LinkedIn Learning and on Apple technology, networks, security, internet technologies and more. Sean teaches the experts. Over 20 Apple certifications going back to 2001, and a certified Apple trainer beginning in 2009, with over 15 years of in-house Apple training only available to a handful of people worldwide.
  • We have a 12 Step Reliability Process unique to macOS management.
    Creatives who can’t work are a waste of money. Creative Technology Management follows a 12-step process with every creative agency to make every Mac keep run reliably so your creatives can keep working.
  • Creative Technology Management Provides Peace of Mind.
    Apple technology is considered bulletproof when it comes to cybersecurity. In fact, they are just as commonly hit with viruses as computers running Windows. We provide a cybersecurity management solution that will protect your Apple technology from viruses, malware and ransomware.
  • Our plan has you covered.
    Hacks can take you down for days or months, and could lurk in the shadows of your network undetected for even longer waiting for the opportunity to strike. Creative Technology Management has saved agencies from attacks that could have risked their ability to do business with the studios they service, and helped new clients to eliminate intrusions that happened on someone else’s watch. Our security software package includes dark web monitoring so you will know immediately if your credentials go up for sale to the bad guys.
  • Experience helping the best creative agencies in Hollywood.
    Creatives work differently, think differently and their time is immensely valuable. Creative Technology Management is a team of former and current creatives who learned and excelled at managing the technology side of the equation. We not only get the tech, we get YOU and your business. We understand the budgeting, the deadlines, and the unusual management needs of creative software users, whether illustrators, graphic designers, video editors or effects artists, we understand you, your workflows and your unique needs.
  • We read the manuals so you don’t have to.
    Technology management for creatives who don't understand technology, by creatives who DO understand technology and can communicate.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, Creative Technology Management is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.

In college, I chose my major not based on how much money I could make with that degree, or even what kind of stability I could find after school. I chose based on my love of creative people. So I pursued and achieved a degree in Theater, with an emphasis in lighting, and directing.

Fast forward a few years and while working at Disney Imagineering, the head of the Show Lighting department asked me to learn how to create a database to track the experimental light fixtures as they were checked in and out of the warehouse for testing. I learned Filemaker 2 at that time, and shortly after I left Imagineering, my friend Michael suggested that we start a business together focusing on our tech skills, rather than our love of theater. My knack for design, and understanding of underlying systems took hold and sent me on a completely unexpected career path for the next twenty years.

I started off in business with Michael as The Answer Company, an IT Services company in Los Angeles back when dial up 26Kbps modems were the standard for internet access and America Online was just coming on the scene. My part of the service offering was Apple computers, and Michaels was building custom PC’s. Together we learned networking, and a lot about sales, and partnerships. I then took a job with Weider Publications where I got to work again with my favorite kinds of people, the creatives who wrote, graphic designed, photographed and illustrated the many fitness related magazines that company produced in the late 90’s. I left Weider Publications to start Core Professional Services, mostly so I could extend the expertise in creative technology out to a broader client base. I served graphic design departments, marketing agencies, architectural firms, advertising agencies, photographers and countless spin up movie, tv and commercial production companies that came and went over the years. When Apple started asking me to work on their behalf with their professional services division, and their marketing and communications division and their training program, as well as leading the southwest united states for the Apple Consultants Network, things were just getting too busy for just me to handle. I re-incorporated, closed Core Professional Services and opened CoreQuick LLC. I hired some of the best people in the business, and none of them came to me with technical experience. I hired based on personality, or what big companies call “soft skills”. The ability to take a technical concept, and communicate it clearly coming from a place of deep understanding. My people either excelled at this, or they didn’t last in the company.

Over the years, this allowed that company to grow, and grow, until we had at one time over 50 people deployed to just one project at our height deploying iPads with a white glove experience to a handful of schools within LAUSD. We deployed technology for Apple at schools nearly everywhere east of the Mississippi, sending engineers on exciting adventures deploying technology into schools where the kids and the teachers alike always brought smiles to our faces with their gratitude and enthusiasm for learning with new technology.

While we focused on our exciting work with education customers however I found that CoreQuick had become an education technology company, and as much as I enjoyed working with education, and excelled at innovating in that space, I missed the many creative firms who we could no longer give our focus.
That time brought a lot of change for me personally, a painful divorce, a loss of over 50 pounds after struggling with increasing weight for over a decade, and the loss of three of my very best engineers who were all hired by Apple for their unique brilliance both technically, but also for those soft skills I mentioned earlier. It was a time wherein CoreQuick was clearly dying and though I did everything I could to bring it back, that business was dead.

It took some serious soul searching and several years to recover from all of the changes to find myself again, but when I did the result was a new business, in keeping with the same belief I came to in college. Surround yourself with the kinds of people you love, find your tribe, and be a part of that community.

Creative Technology Management serves the technology needs of the CREATIVE community. We manage technology for creatives so they can be at their creative best, without expensive down time or distractions with malfunctioning technology. Our team consists of people with years of experience supporting creative artists and their technology needs, so our creative clients are sure to be supported by a knowledgable, personable human being who understands their job, the technology tools they use, and the way they communicate. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else, and it’s why you should work with us if you are part of our tribe.