COVID-19 surprised us all one year ago in March. At that time none of us could've predicted that it would take over a year to get enough vaccines into people to make it possible to return to our offices. Schools made students go home. Offices made workers go home. Some of us responded by becoming track stars in our own neighborhoods (remember all of the runners who popped up out of nowhere?). Some of us responded by hunkering down in our houses, never going to a grocery store, and rarely seeing family members or friends except through a zoom chat or video conference.

Creative Technology Management was created during the pandemic as a response to the pandemic. My name is Sean Colins and I've been in IT for over 20 years. My other business was a project-based IT company working for home users, businesses, and even government clients. Over the last 20 years my clients included Apple, LA Associates, BLT Communications, LLC, Western Digital, the California State Prison System, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Archer School for Girls, and literally hundreds of other schools and businesses across the United States. In that time I hired, trained, and deployed teams of systems engineers on projects on Apple's behalf and for our own customers.

Creative Technology Management takes a different approach.

Instead of focusing on project work that happens once in a blue moon and must be performed on site, this new enterprise focuses on preventing problems, and managing business needs proactively on a monthly subscription basis that includes all of the tools necessary to provide remote management and also all of the best in class white glove customer service for which I am personally known.

I take COVID-19 very seriously. Wherever possible your services will be delivered with no direct interaction that would risk the transmission of this virus or any other. When on-site work is needed I or one of my team members will come on site fully masked and fully sanitized for your protection and ours. We are prioritizing getting fully vaccinated and we also have detailed health protocols in place to protect you and to protect us.

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Sean Colins
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