There’s a reason why this section is the last in our list. If you are a larger company, you probably have an IT department already and that’s great. Once an organization grows past about 75 to 100 employees a full time IT Staff becomes mission critical. For many companies, that threshold is a lot smaller, but the revenue may not be there to support the full time IT Staff. Either way, I love working with IT departments. Creatives are my people for sure, but IT Admins hold a special place in my heart because I’ve been one for over 25 years. As I wrote, and then recorded each of my and LinkedIn Learning courses, I wrote them for IT Admin’s, the folks who were doing the same job I was doing, I wanted to give them an easier way to digest the materials they needed to be really good at their work. I studied and experimented and in a couple of cases had to reverse engineer Apple’s own documentation when they didn’t quite get it right. Who remembers PodCast Producer Server? Chapter 17 of my Leopard Server course on was supposed to be based on that documentation and when we realized the documentation was wrong, we wrote the chapter to give IT Admins a fighting chance to get it right in the field where it counted. We figured out how it really worked and showed exactly how to make it function properly.

I’ve been an Apple Authorized Trainer, an online course author, a public speaker at MacTech Boot Camp, and MacTech Conference. I taught two seminars at the last ever MacWorld in Boston. I’ve been teaching others how to be Apple technology admins for almost my entire professional life, and I can bring that experience, wisdom and my decades of knowledge and passion for getting things right to your team.

With my extensive experience working with IT departments to help them to expand their knowledge, and to improve their operations, Creative Technology Management can service you in the following ways:

  • Custom instruction – Every administrator has holes in his or her knowledge, every one, the question is where are the holes and how can you plug them surgically without wasting a bunch of time relearning stuff they already know and resent being presented with again. I can interview your staff and come up with a friendly way of addressing the holes in your staffs knowledge while helping them to design systems that will improve your bottom line.
  • Experience and wisdom – Not everything is about technical prowess. I have trained some of the highest performing systems engineers to ever work at Apple, and I can bring that level of staff development to your team. I excel at teaching what larger firms call the “soft skills” which just means I’m really good at turning techies into humans. That being said, I’m even better at turning creatives and other soft skill heavy humans into amazing technicians.
  • Until I find a cloning machine, you get me – I wrote this section entirely in the first person for a reason. I don’t have an army of trainers. IF you hire my company for IT department training, you won’t get some trainer I hired off of Craigs List. If you hire Creative Technology Management for training your IT department, you’re going to get me and only me, guaranteed. If I can’t handle your training needs personally, I will work with you to find another company that can meet your needs and I won’t charge you a dime for helping you find someone else.

If you're ready to partner with a company that can give you the company President when nothing else will suffice, call and see how Creative Technology Management's services in Los Angeles can help you today.