When managing Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and AppleTV’s you need to understand how not only the devices work, but you have to understand an intricate dance of technology that happens behind the scenes to allow management systems in the cloud to take complete control over your technology so it can be efficiently managed. Doing that at all is a challenge, doing it securely is something Apple excels at. Apple publishes and updates a set of API’s for something called Mobile Device Management. Third party vendors take the possibilities Apple enables through their unique API’s, and then the MDM vendors write out management systems that follow those rules.

MDM is big business these days, because everyone understands the efficiencies that remote management of systems allows. Some MDM’s support Windows, and Android, and Mac and a wide variety of other systems. Some are 100% about managing Apple technology. As you can imagine, at Creative Technology Management, we focus on learning all of the in’s and out’s of the MDM’s that are dedicated to Apple technology management.

JAMF Pro is the gold standard for Apple Device Management, which is why Creative Technology Management President Sean Colins is certified by JAMF to work on their management platform. But JAMF isn’t the only game in town, Apple for example has their Profile Manager system that is one of the last remnants of macOS Server. It’s an amazing bargain at only $30 per server for the software, but it has some serious shortcomings that prevent it from being used widely in commercial or academic settings. We use a solution to manage our clients called Addigy. Addigy allows us to manage all of our clients from a flexible central system that integrates with our ticketing system, and remote screen sharing, and a dizzying array of additional features and products we have built into a unique recipe that allows us a powerful stance ready to manage and oversee the functionality and the security of all of your Apple technology.

With our extensive experience working with MDM’s since they were created, Creative Technology Management can service you in the following ways:

  • Efficient technology deployment – With a combination of Apple Business or Apple School Manager, and either Addigy or JAMF Pro, we can have you set up with a system that can give your employees a fully managed system, even if you buy that system from Apple and have it shipped in its original shrink wrapping to your employees front door. All they need to do is unwrap it, get it onto their home network, and the management immediately takes over, installing applications, applying customized management settings, configuring applications like email, calendars and more.
  • Changes when you need them – As long as a system is managed and connected to the internet, if you decide to change a setting, or a feature, or to install a new application on your employees computers, we can make that happen without needing to make a physical visit to the computer or the person. It’s the ultimate way of changing your technology deployment as needed with little or no fuss.
  • Peace of mind – We can track the location of your equipment as long as it’s on a network, and sometimes even when it isn’t, and even more importantly if you have security concerns we can manage your mobile device data encryption remotely, and if a device is lost we can send a command to instantly erase the device the next time it connects to the internet so thieves may get your hardware, but they won’t get your secrets.

If you're ready to partner with a company that can help you manage 10, 50 or 100 computers or more, call and see how Creative Technology Management's services in Los Angeles can help you today.