I thought I was safe, but now I know EVERYONE needs to work with a professional like Sean to protect themselves online

While studying on my computer yesterday I took a quick break to order my niece a baby shower gift, I clicked on what I thought was Amazon.com, like I usually do, but this time the page was a little different for me. Alarm sounds went off blasting and my mouse was going all over the page. I had no control over my computer.
I immediately thought I’d been hacked. Unknowingly when I saw a box at the top of my page where it had a phone number on it to help me solve this issue in any way, I called it. I was on the phone with a lady for 1 minute. I had a hard time understanding her so she put me on with her supervisor. He asked me if my computer was for business or personal use and I told him personal. Then immediately I thought to myself, NO don’t answer ANY MORE QUESTIONS before I text Sean!!
I texted him right away and he responded quickly and told me to HANG UP right away and turn off my computer until he could tell me more, and so I did!
Sean worked swiftly to fix the virus on my computer which allowed me to finish what I was doing and get back to my studies. This time I felt a little differently about it and how I looked at my safety at home while using my personal computer. I never had this happen to me before and I absolutely DO NOT want it happening again. It definitely changed my perception of Apple’s ability to keep me safe at home while using my computer for my studies or my photography work.
Before this incident, I thought I was safe and I thought that because I had passwords to protect my privacy on my own personal computer, I thought I was not at risk. Well, unfortunately we all are.
This incident led me to believe no one is protected and we are all vulnerable if we don’t put the proper security and tools on our computers before an incident like this happens.
I personally believe from this experience that literally everyone, but especially small business owners who rely on their computers for everything that makes their business possible, needs to work with a professional to secure and protect their privacy while using their Macs.
Thank you Sean for making what could have been an awful nightmare for me a pleasant issue to work though. You truly are amazing to work with and I will be recommending your services to others so they can feel as confident in using their personal iMacs as I do today.
Trisha Mortenson Professional Photographer https://www.trishkphotography.net

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

No matter what the challenge, Sean and his team are incredible at understanding the deeper issues when facing a problem, and that allows for not just "a" solution, but a much better, more productive solution. Sean explains technology clearly and simply in a way that non-technical people can easily understand, and use, resulting in better decisions around technology. Creative Technology Management and Sean Colins are trusted advisors which will be a highly valued asset to any company owner, or IT Department.

Neil Ticktin Neil Ticktin Publisher and Event Producer

Highly Recommended to solve any issue

Sean is a very professional IT Technician always available and ready to solve any issue you might have. I highly recommend him and his Company!

Andrea Orsolini Andrea Orsolini COO
The Center

Helps me because I am heavy on imagination, but light on tech skills

I am an entrepreneur in the creative field-- heavy on imagination, light on tech skills. Sean has been indispensable to all my business ventures, getting me set up to maximize productivity and reach core consumers. Sean and Jason are great to work with, fast and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend them highly.

Jody Hauber Jody Hauber Independent Author

Incredibly helpful for over a decade

They’ve been incredibly helpful for over a decade at my office, solving and preventing problems. Always thoughtful, and then speedy to implement hardware and software changes.

They've done such a good job we had them recently consult and setup secure networking and storage at our new duplex as well. Sean's team has been servicing my office and home Macs & networks for at least a decade now. They're prompt, professional, and knowledgable. Call or email with an issue, and they'll either know the answer or research it and come back with a prompt solution. Gotten me out of many a jam and keep my stuff safe.

Jamie Myer Jamie Myer Architect
Myer and Associates

Very Friendly and Responsive, Able to explain things in laymen’s terms to graphic designers

As technology coordinator for the Design Department at Neutrogena Corp., I relied on Sean's team to do all the heavy lifting in keeping our 16 or so Macs purring nicely. Sean and his team did a brilliant job at everything relating to hardware AND software. Sean seems to know everything about everything, and is willing and able to explain it in laymen's terms to us graphic designers. Very friendly. Responsive to our needs and whims. Can't recommend Sean Colins and company highly enough!!!

John McClung John McClung Designer/Technology Manager
Neutrogena Inc.

Innovative Solutions and Exceeded Expectations

I have worked for technology companies my entire career and when it comes to hiring professionals, I am often underwhelmed by their knowledge and professionalism. Sean Colins, and his team have exceeded my expectation with each and every touch point, their engineers are the most knowledgeable I have ever met and Sean is hands down the most business savvy and innovative solutions designer I have hired.

Jan Barlow Jan Barlow PMO Director
OTIS Elevator

Highly recommended expertise, that gets the job done.

Our projects are often small is duration and budget, and for those reasons we frequently have difficulty finding Professional Services organizations who are prepared to help us. Sean Colins with Creatie Technology Management was happy to assist, and provided expert resources onsite to get the job done.

Clayton Valley Charter School Richard Pearson VP of technology
Clayton Valley Charter School

Quick, easy and more than we expected

We found the service and support to be invaluable. We were able to get our iPad deployment setup and launched quickly, easily, and picked up a few unexpected best practices tips. Thanks for your time and support

Nicholas DePauw Nicholas DePauw IT Director
Patterson Unified School District

Complex problems solved easily

Sean helped us to set up Apple School Manager and sync it to our Student Information system. We had technical and non-technical representatives from our various departments present. Sean did an excellent job of answering all of the questions from all of our staff, alleviating their concerns about student data privacy. We had a smooth transition to using Apple School Manager allowing us to use all of its features. We also set up caching servers to cache our Apple content such as apps, software updates, and OS downloads. Since we have limited bandwidth and thousands of Apple devices, caching content was critical. Sean's expertise and detailed explanations helped us to successfully set up and use caching services for our school district. Creative Technology Management is our recommendation for any organization needing Apple technical consulting services.

Don Cochran Don Cochran IT Technician III
Thompson School District
Loveland Colorado