These days, everything seems to have and need wireless access to your network. The advent of IoT devices meant that almost over night it was possible that a home might have 20 or 30 devices using the WiFi for basic functions. The thermostat, the oven, the refrigerator, and the lights, and speakers, and the list goes on and on. If the WiFi in your home is bad, those devices can’t work well, you probably have noticed and maybe you’ve even been hacked because some IoT (internet of things) device allowed a malicious actor to get into your network and set up shop without you knowing. It happens at home, but what about at your business or your school? Can your network go from empty to crowded at the blink of an eye without a hiccup? Do you have systems that allow your guests to access the internet, without also giving them access to your file servers? It would be perhaps not such a good idea for your clients to be inadvertently able to see the names of their competitors (also your clients) on your servers because of a poorly configured wireless network.

Wireless network technology is changing faster than almost any other type of technology today, and as those network capabilities change, your business needs to change.

With our extensive experience working with WiFi since it was invented, Creative Technology Management can service you in the following ways:

  • The right tech in the right place WiFi is not something you just throw money at to make it work. If you don’t understand how the radios in each access point behave, how their antennae are arranged inside the box, and what shape the radiation cone takes as it extends into a room, you can’t hope to place the access point correctly. If it isn’t put in the right spot, no amount of configuring settings will ever help. We only work with WiFi gear from known vendors, who are at the top of their game. We understand how to deploy them, how to re-deploy them when someone else screws up, and how to replace them when they age out.
  • Configured to work their best in YOUR environment What does a school with 45 classrooms, and 5000 iPads have in common with a small business with 15 iMac’s 5 iPad Pro’s and a handful of MacBook Pro’s? Well, they both need a WiFi network, but beyond that zero in common. You can’t put the same configuration on every device you put into every deployment. The needs of the devices are different at high density than they are at low density. At Creative Technology Management, we understand not just the manufacturers recommended deployment pattern and settings (almost always set to automatic for everything), we understand the underlying technology, how it’s supposed to work, why it works in certain ways, and how to get it to the best possible configuration for your needs.
  • Secure WiFi is possible, but not common Wireless networks are some of the easiest networks to hack if configured incorrectly. Gaining access to a network is usually trivial, once on that network it is up to how the network is configured to keep prying eyes only where they belong and nowhere else. Creative Technology Management knows the wireless, knows the wired, knows the security, and can give you a secure network in ways that most service providers can only hope to eventually learn. We know how to do it right now.

If you're ready to partner with a company that can give you a fast, reliable, well covered and secure WiFi network, call us today.